Trevor McDermott

Since joining Cardinal in 2009, Trevor has been central to the establishment and rollout of the Real Estate Finance Funds. He successfully originated the initial transactions following the set up of the WLR Cardinal Mezzanine Fund and played a key role in returning significant value to investors in securing a successful exit from the fund. Drawing on his extensive network of strong relationships with key industry participants, clients and advisors, Trevor retains direct responsibility for the origination of new transactions in subsequent funds, having successfully executed significant real estate finance deals with several key Cardinal clients.

Trevor also plays a key role in the ongoing management of the relationship with investors, underlying borrowers and professional advisors and the formulation of risk and reward strategies for future loan management. 

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Trevor has over 25 years’ experience of establishing a range of successful businesses in the SME sector across a range of industries from IT to food, and sales and distribution for the construction industry.

Real Estate Team