Our values help guide our direction, decisions and relationships.

Leading Expertise

Deep experience and capability are what drives us, ensuring we deliver strong impact with our work and investments. We foster an environment where everyone brings something to the table, is here to excel, and is directly involved in the success of the business.

Pioneering Spirit

We think and act differently, motivated by a desire to drive growth and progress in our business, our industry and with our partners. Agile and forward looking, we value entrepreneurialism which helps us stay ahead and turn challenges into opportunities.

Connected Intelligence

We’re connected nationally, internationally and across industry sectors. This provides big picture and wide ranging perspectives that inform our vision and decisions. Valuable global networks strengthen our operations.

Open Professionalism

We’re open and honest with each other and our investment partners. Fair and direct, calm and confident, no politics. We have respect for each other and our abilities, and are supportive and helpful to drive shared success, progress and growth.